Welcome to My Portfolio

2019 marks my 26th year of teaching in many and various positions and institutions.  Of those 26 years, two were spent teaching high school, 7 have been spent teaching elementary, four have been spent teaching college, and thirteen have been spent teaching in a my private studio. All of them have been teaching music in one form or another. In my current position teaching at PACT, I serve as the teacher of all things music.  In this position I teach a variety of workshops to students age K-8, these last either a semester or a full year. Some workshops have a cumulative nature, in which a skill is taught, such as piano, violin, guitar, band, and recorder. There are other classes that  are less cumulative, and instead work to connect music to other facets of learning, whether that be history, cultures, dance, art or literature.  My various professional musical experiences, musical interests have helped me to become the professional I am today. These experiences have given me a unique ability to teach and guide students on their musical and educational journey. I appreciate the opportunity to reflect on my experiences at PACT and NCS at large. My time at PACT has appeared to be the perfect fit for my love of learning,  problem solving, and of course music.  Finally, I appreciate the opportunity to analyze areas that I can grow, and determine vehicles by which I can better serve the students and families at PACT. 

Natomas Charter School-PACT Academy