Frequently asked Questions

Why take voice lessons?

SInging is a wonderful personal gift that inspires people and gives joy to both the listener as well as the performer. Because it is so personal it can be very intimidating to sing in front of people. Taking voice lessons can give an understanding of the technique or how singing works, so that when nerves set in, a strategy can be developed in order to still produce the sound and interpretation that is desired.

What makes a good voice teacher?

A good voice teacher is someone who is going to encourage a student to have their own individual natural sound. The student should be taught to sing in such a way that is both comfortable  and healthy. The music studied should be music that is going to help the student to sing with a comfortable healthy technique.

What is the “technique “ for singing that you teach?

My singing technique is similar to what was taught in the bel canto period of singing. This technique seeks to have a natural voice that is even from the lowest to the highest notes.  The voice should sound unforced, and seek in both sound and interpretation to be beautiful.  It is a technique that is for the singer that wants to be able to sing for their lifetime, whatever the style of music.

Can I  learn to sing if people have said I am “tone deaf”

This question cannot be answered without hearing your voice. But in my experience, I have not yet found a student who is completely, or permanently “tone deaf”. Of course this depends on time and effort, and other circumstances, such as hearing. But, I am  never willing to give up on someone who wants to learn to sing.

How long do I need to take voice lessons in order to learn to sing?

This is entirely dependent upon your goals, and your effort. As with any muscular training it takes time for the body to develop new muscles and new coordination. For some students a basic understanding is all they hope to gain, for others this may be something they want to do this for their life.

What make you a good voice teacher?

Mainly because I LOVE singing, and I can’t wait to help others to enjoy it more and feel like they can do it better and more confidently.Singing has always been part of my life and I have always loved it. But, singing great has not always been easy, and I have had many vocal problems that I have had to correct. This work has given me a good understanding of other peoples challenges, and how to help them alleviate them.

How young can a student be to begin voice lessons?

The vocal chords fully develop late in life, around age 12-14, so students younger then this have a limit on the sort of singing they can do. With young students my goal is to teach them to sing in a healthy voice, teach them great music, and have a lot of fun. I also like to piggy-back this with giving them beginning piano lessons, so that they can have a firm foundation in basic music concepts, and give them a broader base of knowledge.

How old is too old to learn to sing?

If you want to sing you are never too old. I have had many mature students who have gone on to do very well. One student who began at age 56 in the middle of changing careers, who went on to win voice competitions, and earn a degree in Music.  As we age our muscles do lose some of their flexibility, so their are a sometimes few range limitations, but as with any muscle exercise is the key.

Do I need to read music in order to sing?

The short answer is no. Lessons are recorded, so that you can practice with your recording. As with any skill, the more you know the better, and if your goal is to be a classical singer or sing with musical theatre, this is something to address. But it can be addressed in lessons.

How often are voice lessons?

Most people prefer to do voice lesson one time a week, but this is not the only way. I have a payment plan for a regular weekly lesson which gives you a bit of a discount when you pay one month at a time. But a student can instead choose to meet bi weekly, or more then once a week. I have found in the past that if lessons are more then a week apart it is more difficult to keep practicing a skill, but not impossible.