Domain I: Content Knowledge and Instructional Goals

  • Demonstrating knowledge of content

  • Demonstrating knowledge of the learner

  • Establishing high quality learning goals

  • Providing challenging lessons/units

Strengths in my practice:

  • High level of achievement in areas of musical study

  • Actively seeks advice from other professionals on adapting lessons to meet various learning styles

  • Actively seeks new workshop opportunities that can serve students in a variety of physical and mental acumen

  • Provides opportunities for students to see the relevancy of what they are learning 

  • Sets attainable goals for students in weekly assignments

  • Provides guidance for students on how to learn

  • Provides opportunities for advanced students to challenge themselves

  • Finds opportunities for students to see the interconnectedness of music with other subject areas

  • Provides opportunities for students to be creative in their problem solving

  • Provides opportunities for students to think creatively

  • Continues to seek knowledge in new areas

  • Works to encourage the study of cultures through music, dance and story

Goals for professional growth:

  • Continue to develop skills in instrumental music

  • Continue to develop group classes such as choir and band, and find ways to make these into community builders

  • Find opportunities for students to collaborate with other classes, ie. Choir with drama, folk dance with music, music with history

  • Continue to develop skills in teaching the non-reader

  • Build a program that studies jazz

  • Find ways that students can utilize technology

  • Continue to develop skills in using technology to aid in teaching


Self Evaluation:

In Domain 1, Content Knowledge and Instructional Goals I place myself at a Level 2 Application.  Although in certain areas of music I am exceptionally skilled, vocal music, choir, and general music , there are areas that I am certainly at the Application stage. It excites me that I am able to continue to learn about these area. What I love about the atmosphere of PACT is that I have the opportunity to learn with my students. I love what I learn, and I can’t wait to share it with them. As a musician, I am always setting high standards, but as a teacher, I seek ways to make each student have their own set of high standards. I see the student who is exceptional in one area, and work to help them go further. I observe a student who is really struggling with performing, but is enjoying the beauty, and we look for a way for them to succeed there. I vary my approach so that each student can have an opportunity to find their niche in music. I especially enjoy seeking musical connections to everyday life.  For the younger student this may help them as they master everyday tasks, for the older student this may be the release of stress, or the organization tool that teaches them how to break up a large task.

As I move forward I am looking forward to increasing my abilities in the instrumental side of music. I continue to develop my skills in each of the instruments, so that I can find new ways to share them with the students. I am looking forward to expanding the music department, as I see how much of an impact music can have on overall student performance and mental acuity.