Domain V: Academy Life and Culture

  • Participating/volunteering in academy or schoolwide events

  • Translating real world experiences and professional growth into valuable learning opportunities for students

  • Collaborating with the school community

  • Dealing with challenges and obstacles creatively and positively

Strengths in my practice:

  • Building relationships with academy students

  • Providing field-trip opportunities for students in music and theatre

  • Provide opportunities for parents to observe students

  • Use social media to share students activities and success

  • Provide connections to local arts organizations, and build connections

  • Work to understand the needs of advisors and families when developing workshops

  •  Ask advice of advisors when working with students in order to provide teaching in accessible ways

  • Provide information to families for future musical opportunities outside of school

  • Is positive in encouraging students on how to develop skills 

  • Is joyful in sharing new ideas and new concepts

  • Is resilient when met with difficulty in teaching a concepts and changes approach to help students

  • Finds joy in music and wants to share it with students

  • Collaborates with colleagues in order to support students learning and growth.

  • Seeks opportunities to collaborate with other NCS academies

  • Seeks out professionals in other educational institutions that can augment teaching

  • Combines school year theme with class themes and activities

Goals for professional growth:

  • Find more opportunities to be involved in the social life of the school

  • Continue to build relationships with the other NCS academies 

  • Find more opportunities to showcase students achievements

  • Seek opportunities for PACT students to collaborate with musicians from other schools or the community

  • Be more aware of musical events in the community that students can observe and participate in.

  • Continue to develop group classes such as choir and band, and find ways to make these into community builders



In the area of content Academy Life and Culture, I have placed myself at a level 2, Application.  This is an area that I shine, because I simply love and believe in what I do.   As I foster relationships with students they know that I believe in them, and I believe that music has a place in their life.  I work hard to help students see that place, whether it is in participating at a high level, exploring at a beginner level , or simply finding how music belongs in their life.  In class students are met with many opportunities to create music and to challenge themselves.  I enjoy finding new techniques to reach students where they are.  We explore movement, song, story, and history in order to find their connection. I let the students take the lead and provide input into the direction a class takes, and they develop ownership. By using the school year theme to decorate my classroom, and to develop games and challenges, it has helped music class seem integral to PACT.  I seek  out advisors to help me get to know students and their background, in order to help them succeed and grow. I regularly consult colleagues in the musical world for new ideas, and resources.  Students leave the class feeling challenged and encouraged. I regularly speak well of PACT and NCS in the community, and seek opportunities to make connections, whether it is a field trip, a visit from a guest, or a future partnership.  

Moving forward I look forward to creating partnerships with the other NCS academies, and perhaps some other educational and arts institutes. I hope to find even more field trip and study options for the students, in order for them to see how what they learn at school is found in the community at large.  I also want to continue to add to my professional growth. I would like to continue to develop ties between culture and music and dance.  By building these ties, I hope to encourage students to feel proud of their culture and community.