Domain IV

Strengths in my practice:

Goals for professional growth:



Domain IV:

  • Demonstrating professionalism in manner, speech, and actions

  • Fulfilling professional responsibilities

  • Asking, receiving feedback and acting on feedback

  • Proactively seeking professional growth activities

  • Assuming responsibility

Level 1 descriptors:

  • The NCS educator is courteous and respectful when addressing students, parents, and colleagues. She receives feedback professionally and acts on the feedback to improve.

  • She consistently meets deadlines and fulfills professional responsibilities in a timely manner. She is responsive to requests and inquiries from the various stakeholders at the school.

  • She seeks professional growth opportunities both within and outside of the school and adapts her learnings to improving instruction in the classroom, consistent with the mission of the school.

  • She is reflective and uses technologies to assist in the assessment and communication of student learning. She seeks opportunities to collaborate with colleagues to enhance learning opportunities for students.

  • She upholds the professional codes and the ethical and legal responsibilities of the profession.