Domain III: Monitoring and Assessing Student Performance

  • Utilizing assessments that engage students as active learners

  • Adjusting or modifying lessons and/or activities based on student performance

  • Differentiating instruction based on relevancy and students' skill levels

Strengths in my practice:

  • Provides clear assignments for students to complete

  • Provide opportunities for parents to see examples to aid in learning

  • Provides clear benchmarks for students to reach weekly

  • Provides opportunities for students to showcase their acquired skills

  • Students have opportunities to demonstrate their mastery to fellow students and parents

  • Lessons are modified for students of varied skill level

  • Lessons are modified in order for students to utilize individual learning styles

  • Videos are made of lessons for parents to view and work with students

  • Games are created for students to challenge themselves and their abilities

  • Colleagues are consulted in order to modify and create new lessons to aid in student growth

Goals for professional growth:

  • More parent observation days

  • More videos of lessons in order to aid parents in encouraging practice

  • Help families to understand the connection between learning objectives and overall student achievement

  • Utilize general PACT assessments to create additional workshops to address PACT student needs

  • Continue to innovate teaching process to better reach the variety of learning styles



In the area of Monitoring and Assessing Student Performance I am at a Level 2, Application.  This is an area that I have struggled with since joining PACT, and have made many adjustments and changes. I find it an interesting challenge to develop with students the right hook in order for them to see the need for developing a skill, and then helping them to reach it.  My use of goals along  with the assignments sheets have worked to provide a visible chart for them to see that they are making progress.  After last years use of this, I have modified it into smaller quarter long goals, which has worked better.  The use of recitals and performances have given students an opportunity to showcase their developing skill.  Last year we added the recital as part of the student showcase night, which was a great opportunity for them to recognize this as part of their overall education.  This year I have also added some parent observation days.  This has been beneficial in providing another performance opportunity for students, but also an opportunity for me to connect with the parents and help them understand how they can better aid their students. I am becoming more and more aware of the variety of learning styles and am constantly varying my instruction to continue to serve the variety of students. It has been wonderful to collaborate and consult with the colleagues on how to best reach each student. This year as PACT has been working on their leveled assessment of students by advisors, I have been intrigued as to how I can aid in this process. Since many kinesthetic skills are utilized in music, it has been interesting to see how these are connecting to their overall achievement, and I have been working on how to best codify this for advisors. 

Going forward I hope to work more on a plan to aid the advisors in their testing of student skills. I am also looking forward to further developing the linkage between practicing and performance.  I am hope to continue to work with parents and students on how they can break down large tasks, and can self assess if they are mastering it. I hope to find additional ways to communicate regularly with parents, so that they can help students be successful.  I am looking forward to continuing to study and learn about the many ways that I can present my material to students to reach the variety of skill levels, and learning styles.