Domain II: Supporting Student Learning

  • Facilitating student learning through a variety of activities

  • Creating an environment of respect and rapport

  • Establishing a classroom culture of trust and purpose

Strengths in my practice:

  • Maintains high expectations

  • Assignments are given in a clear progressive order

  • Tasks in class are explained and modeled

  • Students have opportunity to succeed at task, at their own pace

  • Lessons are explained with a variety of approaches

  • Assignments are written down on assignment sheets that go home to parents

  • Communication with parents is encouraged through notes, emails, and personal contact

  • Students know how to acquire assignments even if they are unable to attend

  • Colleagues are consulted concerning learning styles

  • Colleagues are consulted in order to develop new workshops to meet student needs

  • Students are encouraged to listen and discuss topics and ideas

  • Students are encouraged to support each other in performance situations

  • An environment of creativity is encouraged

  • Parents are encouraged to visit class to aid in their understanding of homework

  • A variety of opportunities for students to showcase their skills

Goals for professional growth:

  • Continued improvement of communication with parents

  • Encourage advisors to visit workshops so that they can encourage families to try new classes

  • Continued efforts to communicate student successes and struggles with parents

  • Develop varied expressions to help students understand levels of achievement, and desire improvement

  • Continue to develop step by step process of mastery for students to utilize when practicing


Self Evaluation:

In the domain of Supporting Student Learning I am at a Level 2, Application.  My strengths in this area lie in the fact that I truly believe in what I am teaching, and desire for the students to develop a love for music as well. I am constantly working to help students take ownership of their learning so that it will become a part of their lives. I work to communicate with parents what the expectations are, so that they can easily help students meet goals. I work in each class to help students understand what the concept is. The use of assignment sheets make the assignment clear.  I have worked to make students copy the assignment off of the board, so that if they miss class, they will know how to find out what their assignment is.  This year with some of my younger students I have worked on video-taping the assignment and sending it to their parents so that they can better understand how to help them. I use routine in order for students to feel comfortable with what is happening, and yet encourage them to help direct where they want each class period to go.  I begin most class periods by asking students to share something about themselves that has happened in the last week.  Sometimes I ask them to think of something musical, sometimes it is just having to do with the time of year. Not only do I hear them, but I encourage the other students to be good listeners, and to actively hear the other students.  I have begun to encourage advisors to visit my classroom so that they can have a better idea of what the classes are about, so that they can encourage their students to take part in them.  I have also begun to regularly post on social media some of the achievements the class is experiencing. 

In the future I would like to continue to develop ways that I can express to students what they are doing that is both good and in need of improvement. I would like to continue to include parents in the learning process and work to communicate more with them on the progress of their student.